OSDC.TW 2014 Call for talks

The Open Source Developers' Conference (OSDC) is a non-profit conference for developers of open source software.The conference is open to talks about software developed for any platform or operating system so long as the talk will be of interest to open source developers. Talks about closed source projects which used open source languages or open source projects which used close source languages are accepted.

It's time to share your ideas and hacking. It's OSDC.TW 2014.

We will arrange the 30mins session for all of the submissions.

Please send the talk including topic, abstract, speaker bio to submit@osdc.tw

The deadline of the talks submitting is 9th February, 2014

The information of the OSDC.TW 2014: Date: 2013/4/11-12 Venue: Academia Sinica, Taipei